IT Services

ERP Implementations

We deliver insight, productivity, and collaboration throughout the ERP implementation. We help you in making superior decisions that lead to upsurge productivity at a reduced cost.

With our robust technical expertise in Odoo (OpenERP), along with domain knowledge, we deliver top notch ERP solutions and services that empower you to reach the next level of business transformation with maximum ROI in a short span of time.


  • ERP Project Management
  • Module Implementation
  • ERP Data migration
  • ERP Validation and Testing
  • ERP Adoption

Mobility Solutions

We at Athenian Tech are adept at delivering iOS, Android & Web applications that engage your users the way they expect it to, as well as meet the ultimate objectives of your b

Our innovative, enthusiastic and highly skilled app development talent pool strategies your app development process, to design and develop applications from the initial framework phase to the end point delivery of the product. At every level, at every stage, we ensure that we proceed with the most meticulous process so that you attain absolute ROI. 


  • Platform Development
  • Website Development
  • App Development
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Mobile Enablement


Athenian Tech  migration services with a distinct re-engineering process. To ensure scalability of products, we assist organizations in migrating their legacy application (old software) to high-performance, easy-to-use, up-to-date technologies. We define workload requirements, renovate and migrate applications without interruption, provide a secure, stable infrastructure and deliver a smooth transition to the new technology model(s).

We conduct a thorough analysis and assessment of the current business and technology environments to design a merged re-engineering architecture. We efficiently combine our technology expertise, several transformation preferences and recommended solutions to re-engineer your product or application to the latest technologies such as MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, server segregation – AWS, etc.

  • Superb technical support
  • Ease of business risk
  • Greater system performance
  • Reduced system dependencies
  • Superior technical support
  • Improved data portability

Cloud Solutions

Our cloud services help you make your business critical applications ready for the cloud.

We can assist you to develop and execute a cloud migration strategy that optimizes your applications for the cloud platform.

Our experience will help you seamlessly migrate any part of your applications, computing and storage operations to the cloud

  • Enterprise Cloud Foundation
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Operations
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Consulting


Ecommerce Solutions

As a part of our process for delivering compelling ecommerce projects, our team of expert consultants work closely with clients to understand the clients’ business and technology requirements, so that a fully customized ecommerce web store is developed in alignment with the existing business processes and business objectives.

Our trained developers have developed ecommerce solutions that have successfully transformed several brands and retailers as leading ecommerce web stores across the globe.

  • 360 Ecommerce Development
  • Reliable, Secure and Scalable Platform
  • Vast Integration Support
  • Domain Specific Design & UI/UX considerations
  • Comprehensive Model ( Online Store/Marketplaces)