Cybersecurity Services


Network Penetration Testing Services

Our Network Penetration Testing Services are customized to provide a structured approach to reveal the vulnerabilities to your critical business assets. The structured approach reconnoitres your network assets, enumerates the vulnerabilities, exploits these to assess the damage, and gain access to your in-house environment exploited through the internet. This outside-in assessment predicates the necessary actions that organizations need implement to stay secure in the digital world.


Web Application Testing Services

Athenian Techs Web Application Security Services offer a comprehensive suite that identifies business logic and technical vulnerabilities (OWASP Top 10, WASC 25) by creating a detailed map of the web application business logic and workflow, deploying industry led toolsets and manual testing approach, thus ensuring a safer business environment.

Mobile Application Security Testing Services

With the quantum increase of mobile devices handling business critical and personal data, mobile application security testing services are inevitable in the business context today. Our security testing service ensures trustworthy static and dynamic testing, external libraries across the ambit of mobile platforms like Android, IoS, Windows, and others to safeguard your business.




Wireless Penetration Testing Services

Wireless Networks extend the internal connectivity to malicious external attackers within range of exploitation. Our Wireless Network Penetration Testing assesses the adequacy of controls of the wireless network and advices on measures to ensure a secure wireless environment. The testing encompasses wireless reconnaissance, MAC address bypassing, encryption exploits, and privilege escalation amongst other tests to ensure a holistic assessment of the security state.

Vulnerability Assessments – Network & EUDs

Vulnerability assessments are comprehensive evaluation of systems (Networks and End User Devices) for patching adequacies, improper configurations and basic lack of security controls, without exploitation. Our Vulnerability Assessment services are conducted by trained ethical hackers using a plethora of manual and automated tools to assess the security status of systems, followed by comprehensive remedial reporting, thereby ensuring that all systems comply to the organization security policies and industry best practices.

Firewall Configuration Review Services

The Firewall Configuration Review Services examines the vulnerabilities associated with the misconfigurations, susceptibility to information driven exploits and the ability of an attacker to compromise the firewall protection to threaten client information, systems, applications and business operations. The reviews are conducted against various standards like PCI, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 to ensure a safe business environment.




Social Engineering Evaluation Services

Social Engineering is the basic tactic used by malicious actors to gain unauthorized access to an organizations network by exploitation of the unsuspecting staff and employees’ security awareness. It is an accepted fact that the people factor is the weakest link in the security chain. Our Social Engineering evaluation services has multiple facets comprising OSINT gathering, Spear Phishing, Pretexting and Cold calling, and Physical Social Engineering to  assess the status of the veracity of employee awareness, network controls and assessing your vulnerabilities to this malaise. This aids organizations to strengthen their awareness programmes and educate their employee force.

Virtual CISO& Information Security Officers – vCISO&vISO

A CISO is an inevitable requirement for an organization in the Digital world today, mandated by the numerous regulations and compliance diktats. But, can all organizations afford this C Suite resource, or, do organizations really want to cosmetically hire someone who does not fulfil the needs of the organizations security needs? This is where the vCISO enters the scene to ensure that while the organization meets the regulatory and compliance requirement, they also get the benefit of a professional service with stated service levels. Our qualified and experienced CISO’s and ISO’s address your requirements of maintaining and monitoring your security policies, are flexible and cost effective, bringing their expertise and experience to the table. Athenian Tech provides multiple models to suit the needs of all types and size of organizations.

Virtual DPO – vDPO

The EUGDPR has made Data Privacy today’s buzzword in the Digital world. We see nations across the world coming up with their respective Data Privacy regulations. Doing business in the coming times would only be possible if organizations comply to the Data Privacy requirements not only within the countries, but globally. India too has tabled its Data Protection Bill in the Parliament for approval. All these Laws and Regulations demand instituting a Data Privacy (Protection) Officer for organizations processing personal data. Contrarily, there are not enough qualified DPOs globally to fill in this gap. Athenian Tech provides this as a service with qualified DPOs who ensure that the requirements of the organization mandated by the Regulations are fulfilled ranging from pre-assessment, implementation of the Privacy framework, and maintaining and monitoring the Privacy posture of the organization. Athenian Tech provides multiple models to suit the needs of all types and size of organizations.


Information Security Awareness

As part of this service, we prepare training materials aimed at improving employee information security awareness. We design bespoke programmes and materials designed to best address the specific needs of the client. Trainings can be prepared in the form of a presentation or a computer-based practical course with automated knowledge assessment. Both training and assessment are individually tailored to the client’s needs.