What our product Thunder Bold offers?  

Executive Protection Assessment

Digital attacks are particularly harmful to executives, VIPs, and high-value targets. Through social media impersonations, account takeovers, and business email compromise attempts, attackers use executive and celebrity reputation and influence to dupe unsuspecting victims into giving critical information and executing duties. By instantly identifying and remediating cyber and physical vulnerabilities throughout your organization's publicly available attack surface, Athena's artificial intelligence-driven platform allows you to secure your executives and VIPs.

Continuous VIP / Executive Protection

Athena assists you in gaining situational awareness of threats to your key executives and locations. Every day, our executive cybersecurity solution explores the furthest reaches of the digital globe, traversing millions of web pages and social media sites. This allows you to stay ahead of cyberattacks, whether planned, imminent or happening right now. Our executive cybersecurity solution gives you a clear picture of the threats posed to your important individuals and physical assets. When a threatening or destructive remark is uploaded, it is assigned a risk category to assist you in assessing; physical threats to staff, protests, reputational damage, email compromise, and phony executive accounts are all possibilities.